Experience with Audiovisual

     My interest in the audiovisual field arose quite early in my life, around adolescence, when I would watch - fascinated - the making of from the “extras” portion of the DVDs from the movies I liked. During my journalism studies in college, the interest was fed a bit more (within the reality of my major), and I was encouraged by a few professors not to give up the will to follow that path. Which led me to attend small courses regarding audiovisual subjects at the time.


     My first job after graduation was as an assistant director in an independent feature film in Brasilia (my hometown). After that, I moved to Sao Paulo and studied at Academia Internacional de Cinema, finishing the technical formation in film directing. Since then, I worked in various independent short films and worked for a year at the production company Formata Produções e Conteúdo.


     Short film in distribution produced by Sofia Wickerhauser in partnership with AIC and the producer Piracema and with crowdfunded through the website Catarse. I worked as an assistant director and social media analyst.


     Short film in distribution directed by Julia Rantigueri and produced in partnership with AIC and crowdfunded through the website Catarse. I developed the treatment and part of the script. The movie was the winner of the “Best Movie” category from the Filmworks Festival in 2019.

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     Short film in distribution produced by Brilo Films in partnership with AIC. I worked as an assistant art director.


     Short film in distribution produced by Brilo Films in partnership with AIC. I worked as sound assistant/boom operator.


     Short film in progress produced in partnership with AIC. I was the scriptwriter and editor of the movie.


      Maria (20) moves from her hometown, Aparecida, to Sao Paulo for a work opportunity as a Mortuary Cosmetologist in a funeral home. The work is not the one she expected to get. Maria moves to the apartment of her older sister, Luiza (26), who has already been living in Sao Paulo for six years.

      Luiza learned to sew with her mother and still works with it in her spare time. Luiza has always been very protective when it comes to Maria. This relationship based on protection intensified with the death of their mother. The two of them were raised religiously, but Maria has always been more attached to religion, while Luiza was a little more flexible with a few concepts. Since they started to live together, Maria began to notice a few strange behaviors from her sister. They argue with each other, and Maria leaves annoyed to work late at night, when she comes back the next day her sister is dead, she has been killed by her pimp, with whom she had a complicated relationship.


      The documentary "TRANSparency: A Portrait of The Life of The Transexual Person in Brazil" has the goal to show what it means to be transexual and survive in this situation in this country. The project gathers interviews with trans people who shared their life experiences: from talking about the moment they realized the gender that was assigned to them didn’t correspond to their gender identity until the reaction of their family, and what are the biggest difficulties they face currently.

      I produced this documentary by myself in 2015 as my final degree project in college. I researched the theme, looked for people to interview, elaborated a script with questions, conducted the interviews, and recorded and edited the images. I had the help of friends and family as camera assistants. Part of the interviews happened in Brasilia and part in Goiania.


Project from the extension course in video operation at Uniceub. A mini-documentary about the event Cineme-se that happens every Tuesday at the club ASCEB at 904 sul in Brasilia with the exhibition of two short films, one produced by a local filmmaker and another one indicated by them.

​Direction, images, and script: Beatriz Gurgel, Erica Pierre, and Mariana Areias

Editing: Ivonete Oliveira

Music: Slash – “By The Sword” (feat Andrew Stockdale)


Organizer of the event: Gustavo Bill

Guest filmmaker at the day of the recording (18/11/14): Tiago Aragão

First interviewee: Amanda Jorgensen

Group of friends (the ones who spoke): Thomas Libano, João Pedro Neves, Rayane Nascimento


From July of 2016 to December of 2017 I worked freelance for Maca Entretenimento, a content producer from Brasilia, in a feature film called About Us and the theater plays called While Everyone Sleeps and One Hour with Erick Muller in Brasilia, Recife, Goiania, and Sao Paulo. I still maintain a good relationship with the owners of the producer.



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Assistant Director

I worked as an assistant director for Maca Entretenimento. My roles included but were not limited to: giving assistance with the equipments, clapperboard operator, photographing the set for the making of, being at the disposition of the director, the director of photography and the actors, maintain a control of how many takes from each scene are filmed and from the daily progress according to the film planing, help with the filming logistics, foresee problems and needs, be aware of the continuity. Also, to substitute the make artist and the sound technician when necessary.



Theater play written and directed by Thiago Cazado


Assembly of the set, coordination of the theater crew, be at the disposition of the director and the actors. I worked at the performances that happened in Sao Paulo.


Theater play written and directed by Thiago Cazado


Assembly of the set, coordination of the theatre crew, sale of the tickets, financial report, negotiations with the theater administration, be at the disposition of the director and the actors. I worked at the performances that happened in Brasilia and Goiania as the production assistance and in Recife and the production manager.

Press Consultant

Contact with the press, writing and sending of the press release, clipping, follow up and accompaniment of the interviews.


From June to September of 2017, I produced the short film Appetite, which was crowdfunded through the website Catarse. My roles included but were not limited to: stipulating a previous budged to start the fundraising through Catarse, stipulating an official budget after the conclusion of the fundraising process and the acquisition of the final amount, making sure the budget was followed, dealing with actors and payments, organizing the catering for the cast and crew and monitor the following of the schedule, management of the production of the rewards for the financiers of the movie, among others.