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Experience with Writing

      Writing has always been my biggest passion. I started with poetry as a child. As the years went by, I went on learning to organize words in the most different styles. As a teenager, I discovered short stories, chronicles, and the small personal and reflective essays that I still like to write to this day. Later, I discovered journalism in college and the writing of scripts when I studied cinema.

      I worked for a year as a copywriter and translator (between 2019 and 2020) in a production company in São Paulo. With this experience, I learned to develop concepts for audiovisual content, from TV programs like reality shows, game shows, and competition programs, to movies and branded content. I also learned to write the projects and proposals for these products to present them to the clients. This job allowed me to improve a style of writing that is unlike any other I’ve worked with before.

      In one way or another, I always end up writing - and I have fun adding to my resume new methods for doing it. My current goal in the field is to keep searching for opportunities that will allow me to grow professionally as a writer. Whether is as a screenwriter, a copywriter, or as a creative writer.

Audiovisual Content Producer situated in Sao Paulo

From April 2019 to April 2020

Copywriter and Translator

Work for the Artistic and Development Director developing and writing audiovisual projects:

  • Development and writing of projects for television, internet, and film.

  • Research about various subjects regarding the audiovisual projects.

  • Translation of texts (Portuguese/English).

  • Subtitles